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Why build a new library?

Loughton's current library dates from the 1970s and in the near future will require extensive maintenance to extend its life and ensure it remains suitable for future use.


While the library has a large floor area, the design doesn’t allow for efficient use of that space. We have worked closely with the library service and staff to ensure the community can make the most of the building space.


This is a unique opportunity to replace the current structure with a modern and improved library, at no extra cost to the taxpayer, as it would be funded by a residential development above. Given the future expenditure requirements, we believe this proposal represents best financial and amenity value for Loughton residents.

current site.png
Existing building

What can you expect from the proposed new library?


The new library design offers a modern, open-plan and flexible layout, providing an enhanced space and opening the library to a greater range of groups and events. It also creates opportunities to generate income which can be reinvested into the library service.


The proposal also includes purpose-built spaces for Loughton Town Council and the National Jazz Archives, and new community space and meeting rooms that will be available outside of core library hours.


There will be transparent frontages on each side of the building that will create a more "open" library that connects with the surrounding public realm. This will help to promote the various activities and services available to the local community.

Summary of the key community benefits:

  • A flexible library space design enabling use for a range of events and meetings

  • All existing library amenities retained and upgraded, including a children's area, sensory wall, and computer facilities

  • Additional facilities including accessible toilets, baby changing facilities, and public meeting area to respond to asks from library users and staff

  • A new community space, providing greater flexibility and public meeting rooms

1765-SBA-XX-00-A-0010_(C)_Proposed Ground Floor Plan - Library Level_edited.jpg
1765-SBA-XX-00-A-0010_(C)_Proposed Ground Floor Plan - Library Level_edited.jpg
Proposed Ground Floor Plan
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